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Our Services

Environmental Communication Strategies is proud to assist our clients in navigating the complex interactions between community, industry, government and politics in order to "get to yes"

Government Affairs

We help with regulatory tracking, policy analysis, position papers, research, meeting coordination, advocacy, media and outreach




We help you navigate technical, permitting and compliance issues in the air quality, wastewater, waste and hazardous materials areas. 

Crisis communication

When bad things happen, we are there to help you make sense of them and to communicate with communities, regulators, and the media.

Community Engagement

Using our experience we take time to learn about you and your community. We then seek to create an honest dialogue that builds on common goals to get to understanding and trust. 

Technology Assessment

We help you by assessing the maturity, support and outlook for technologies in the transportation, energy, and emissions control sectors.

Funding & Incentives

We can help you find the funding you need for your project and to navigate the complex matrices of application, administration and reporting. 

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